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I liked your Cleo example very much. It aptly describes the problem. But ultimately Cleo didn’t want to work. Perhaps that was her underlying disposition and not a function of her being sidetracked from a meaningful career path to a more lucrative one lacking meaning. One of the problems with any analysis is that we have strayed far from essences. Imagine the first tribe that had each member doing something that furthered the tribe’s s interests. Then over time with the advent of more tribes a medium of exchange was needed to promote economy. It likely worked well for a while but eventually people played games with the production end and with the money until it reached a point where nobody knew what the money was for or what it was really worth but they just kept on going with the inertia of it all. It is a complex situation with many moving parts. I applaud your effort to deal with it.

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Earlier in Cleo's life she wanted to work and contribute in ways she found meaningful, then she lost that desire. You could say that she would have lost her desire to contribute regardless of any institutional influence, but it doesn't seem to be the case. It seems like the operating system she exists in moved her towards the uninspired state she's currently in.

Def complex, we'll see where we land :)

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