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I loved the disconnection between the exchange of money from value creation, its intended purpose. What happens if there's a UBI and value could, in theory, be totally uncoupled from money. What sort of existential crisis does our society devolve into? Money is a progress incentive with ebbs & flows on its direct correlation.

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I preferred this blog to the former because I found a developing understanding on my part. That being said I keep thinking about concrete examples as to how they might fit into the schema. If someone finds growing lettuce meaningful as it feeds civilization and is generally a benign activity then how does that fit in the several categories? If someone else wants to create an elixir to remedy all sorts of ills and then sells it door to door without any oversight if it works that is meaningful in a good way; if it poisons people well not so good. Then economy backs away from support which is how things work. What is our way around this - AI evaluating a priori? Maybe that's the answer.

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